Sybase problems

1. I am facing a problem with bcp process on the following environment
OS - Linux
database - sybase

I have 13 tables in my database with max 8450782 rows in a table.
so I have write a script for unix, in which whole bcp process is done in one shot being a single process in background(bcp-out from source table , truncate on destination table,bcp-in ). in this way my all the 13 tables refreshes tables have not any indexes,or other referential dependency.
some times this whole process slow down is there any issue with multiple tables refreshing.
is my this approach is wrong or what i need to speed up the process.
2. I am having five user in each Sybase server,Now i want to merge Sybase users from 2 dataservers into one? Syslogins is different on both servers how do i do this in efficient way.
3. I have the following procedure:

create PROCEDURE sp_SEARCH_Contragents(@nSPFirmID integer,@nFilterID integer,@szName varchar(255)=null,@szTaxNum varchar(255)=null,@szBULSTAT varchar(255)=null,@szFullCode varchar(255)=null,@szCity varchar(255)=null,@szPhone varchar(255)=null,@szAddress varchar(255)=null)
declare @szNameSign varchar(2),
@szTaxNumSign varchar(2),
@szBULSTATSign varchar(2),
@szFullCodeSign varchar(2),
@szCitySign varchar(2),
@szPhoneSign varchar(2),
@szAddressSign varchar(2)

create table #tResult(
Name varchar(255) null,
TaxNum varchar(30) null,
BULSTAT varchar(10) null,
FullCode varchar(100) null,
City varchar(255) null,
Phone varchar(100) null,
Address varchar(255) null,
FoldID integer null,

insert into #tResult( Name,TaxNum,BULSTAT,FullCode,City,Phone,Address,Fo ldID)
select..........from where.............

insert into #tResult(Name,TaxNum,BULSTAT,FullCode,City,Phone,A ddress,FoldID)
select.................. from where..............

select Name as Name,
TaxNum as TaxNum,
FullCode as FullCode,
City as City,
Phone as Phone,
Address as Address,
FoldID as FoldID
from #tResult

If I execute the procedure from ISQL with some input values it is working correctly. But if I try to execute it from Java like

ResultSet res = stmt.executeQuery("exec sp_SEARCH_Contragents ");

or like this

CallableStatement cs = conn.PreparedCall("{call sp_SEARCH_Contragents )}");

I don't get any rows or error,could you fick the problem where i am having ?

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